Targetted & Diverse Hiring Process

24/7 Live Dispatch & Monitoring

Body Cameras Come Standard

Individual Training with Mentorship

Customized & Reliable Reporting

Hiring a security company requires important research and questions. Conducting a business query is a crucial first step in the process. To do a business query and check an Alberta licensed security company, visit


Ensure that a company is bonded & licensed.

Have the company provide references.

How long have they been in business?

Do they have local sites in the area?

Do they have specific experience and understand your community?

Are all of their protection & concierge employees licensed guards?

How much, and how often, are guards trained & tested?

These questions can make all of the difference In the event of an emergency.

-List Security

Video Patrol & Camera Monitoring

Mobile Response & Parking Patrol

"Hiring A-List Security was the best decision I made for my peace of mind as a new project manager and business owner. I couldn't have asked for a better security team." - Alice

Rather than one-guard-fits-all, we believe in a customized approach. We carefully match each customer to the guard that best fits their specific needs and site requirements.

Our guards are available whenever you need them.

They become a part of the community, patrolling with body cameras or monitoring from our multiple dispatch and global video monitoring solutions. Every A-List Guard is equipped with the most effective tools and technology in the industry, that includes a body camera!

We take great pride in providing the services you require to protect you, your clients and your assets, anywhere in the world.


A-List Security has a great relationship with the Calgary Parking Authority, local and surrounding police departments, as well as a highly effective “two ticket and tow” system. What truly sets us apart is the support and communication that we have between guards and as a company.

We use our own software for internal communication, reporting and shift notes.

Meetings with the client are conducted often to discuss and resolve any issues and to transfer any important information.

Construction, Campus & Commercial

A-List Security Guards come equipped with a body camera.
This is part of our standard practice; not a premium, there is no extra charge.

We work closely with your team of builders, contractors, directors and office managers,understanding security issues on every level. All of our guards have their own Personal Protective Gear (PPE) and are equipped with a body camera. We specialize in communication and conflict resolution.

A-List guards are trained to diffuse difficult situations with a wide range of skills and levels of intensity.

Diversity is also an important part of our hiring and placement process.

At A-List, we hire and train for your building specifically, with a customized approach. Your guard becomes dedicated to your site, with a policy to avoid any possible conflict of interest, such as hiring them to a nearby building or a competitor.

Each A-List concierge is a licensed security guard.

They understand legality, trespass and residential property law, and are trained in privacy and confidentiality.

Did you know that not all concierge’s are licensed security guards?

A-List wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Service in Alberta.

Our Services

A-List Security Group  provides a full range of innovative Security and Security Management Services to the Calgary area that are as diverse and customized as you require. Our guards are licensed, experienced and incredibly passionate about what they do. This is not a stepping stone for them, this is their career and they enjoy it.
A-List Security is licensed under the Alberta Soliciter General.

Concierge, Hotel & Residence Service


Every A-List employee is put through a diverse and effective training program, under mentorship, starting at skill Level 0 and achieving Level 1 only after their first site. Once being trained, tested and passing our high grade requirements, and when their training mentor is confident, they may read and test for the next site and the next level. At Level 8, they may apply to be a supervisor. Skills expire after each year and must be re-obtained, with abilities tested often.


Peace of mind comes with A-List Security.

We believe in investing in our employees and in the quality of services we offer.

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