Benefits of guard patrol and body camera you must know!

Every environment needs one or some kind of protection. The protection is based upon solutions to different types of dangers posed at it. Like security guards, their fundamental duty is to provide safety and security to their clients with the best strategy that is more sound and feasible for the environment. Especially amidst COVID 19, many customers contact the security firms to provide the best solutions for the threats and dangers their businesses might be facing. That’s where our company is specialized in it. We provide the best security formulas to adhere to the need for security and safety for our customers.

Customers might have this idea that they had to spend a large sum on 24/7 hr security. Though that is not correct for we provide them the smart form of security solution that not only works but is deterring for criminals/ burglars in your working/ business areas. Those smart security moves are Mobile Patrolling and Body Cams. We are going to tell you the benefits these solutions have both on customers’ businesses and security satisfaction.

What is Mobile Patrolling & Body Cams?

Recently, we have seen vandalism, theft, and burglary more rampant. Technology has given a lot of access to thieves, and burglars to obstruct law and order easily without being checked- hence poses a direct threat to people’s property/ businesses. The commercial areas are the most affected ones by the smart lawbreakers. Thereby, people providing security and safety must be smarter and clever than those who are on the verge of breaking it. It is mandatory.

Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrolling allows security guards to travel and wander through vehicles or on foot around commercial zones on scheduled or random routes. This provides the criminals a surprise check for they might not be expecting security personnel coming on to them. It eliminates all forms of suspicious activities in the commercial zones so that a safe environment is provided to the entire area. Not having fixed location security gives a greater security outlook and a huge deterrence for the criminals.

Body cams are a need of the time. They are both helpful for businesses and security guards. They give the after- insight into the incident that took place. It can be presented in the court to take legal action against criminals. The body cams show how the criminals are stopped and also for self-accountability.  It can film any third party without their realization. It can be used for the security firms in the office as a surveillance camera around the commercial site. Body cams are worn by guards through clipping on their uniforms in camouflage. The cams are connected with the security office so that they are in touch with their guards. Due to patrolling, body cams will focus on any suspicious activity which had to buzz off there and then.

During any mishap or unfortunate incident, both patrolling and body cams will help in the diffuse of the crime by enabling the security guards to contact any emergency officer or police to provide further assistance. Least it will create deterrence for the criminals to even begin with.


Mobile patrolling is extremely important for it provides more safety to the commercial zones seeing the threat of criminality. Following are the benefits:

  • The Alerted Duty

Mobile patrol officers are never stationed to a property or place. The tendency to move makes them go from one place to another in seek of any suspicious activity. Once the suspicious activity is observed, they might easily prompt there and can alert their security office too.

  • Provide Full Coverage

Amidst the smartest tools of technology in theft, robbery, or burglary; it is highly recommended to utilize the best means to curb it. CCTV cameras or stationed officers might not be very viable to curb the initiation of the crime for they lack movement. Patrolling is the solution for the crime to be disposed of before it even begins. Mobile Patrolling provides the personnel to spy upon any suspicious activity around the businesses and tackle it there and then.

  • The Deterrence

The heinous criminals know for the fact that moving officers are more threatening than stationed officers. Hence, they try to buzz themselves off from any criminal activity at that place which has a mobile patrolling facility. The deterrence is a viable solution and those businesses get less vandalized where the mobile patrolling exists.

Body Cameras is a modern initiative for the police to curb the crime by deterrence and as evidence. Along with mobile patrolling as aforementioned, body cams are beneficial, especially because of these:

  • Body Cameras as Deterrent

Any burglar or vandal might have to back off from the guards because they might be wearing the body cams. These body cams make the criminals buzz off the scene or else they be caught on camera and sued for their actions. This might help to just create a quiet shift rather than calling police to give the vandals restraining order.

  • Evidence for everything

Body cams are the proofs for any mishap that took place. Any incident that became so unfortunate that the security guard had to intervene and stop- can make a little fuss on media too. Thereby, to secure the environment as well as guards themselves, body cams can be used to foster evidence and show everything for the legal value to sustain.

If you feel that your businesses are unsafe and require smart security, contact us and we will provide you the best security solutions to curb the crime you are afraid of- it also going to save your bucks!