Benefits of using body worn cameras for security guards

Body-worn cameras are small cameras that can be installed on the security guard’s chest or head. They can also be installed into a pair of glasses. It has a microphone to record a sound. Body-worn cameras have internal data storage for keeping the data safe for further use. Body cameras are used worldwide for safety and security purposes. The use of body-worn cameras provides transparency of the event and it also reduces the accountability of the security officers. They provide evidence against the allegations of the security guard’s misconduct. Body-worn cameras can serve as an independent witness to resolve any dispute quickly and fairly. It can allow public interaction in an opaque and crystal clear manner.

Many multinational security companies have already tried and carried out body-worn cameras for security guards in their services. Everyone was dubious about the usefulness of body-worn cameras when they were first introduced. But body cameras have proved their usefulness and importance in the life of those who need to capture high-quality footage. The ability of the camera to capture HD-videos has convinced security personnel to take action against the complaints and accusations made by the citizens. Today many professions are seeking benefits from advanced body-worn cameras on a daily basis. Many security companies have invested considerable resources to provide the employees with these systems. This reduces the incidents and risk factor up to 50%. Body cameras can prove to be a great assistance if they are used accordingly.

 Benefits Of Using Body Worn Cameras For Security Guards | A List Security Group Inc.The footage and angle of the image is a very important factor of the body-worn camera. One should decide wisely where he should fix the body camera because the place of the camera influences the point of view recorded in the footage. The installation of a body camera accurately is crucial bur the footage taken by the body-worn camera is more effective than a verbal description. Following are the benefits that security guards of Canada can get by using body-worn cameras:

Increases the safety of the public and security guards themselves

When people know that they are being observed, they act differently. Body-worn cameras can encourage good behavior by the people and security guards as well. It will also reduce the incidents of violence and forced attacks on security guards, on duty.

Protection of security guards from false accusation

Body cameras can provide visual and audio evidence which can easily verify the incident. Nowadays it’s very common to accuse security guards of misconduct without any reason. This happens usually when the security guard is performing his duty diligently and does not let anyone get in without proper checking or if he may stop someone (male/female) from doing and inappropriate act. People simply file a case of misconduct against him. The footage of the body cameras can protect the security guards from further legal proceedings against him.

Handling of the situation

Body-worn cameras also helps the supervisors of security guards in providing instant live monitoring and observation of the situation with the help of Wi-Fi in order to guide the guard’s tackling of the situation in a better way.

A good tool for the learning and training of new guards

Video which is being recorded by the body camera of a security guard can be used for training purposes. New security guards can be trained by using the footage of the currently working security guard’s camera. Dealing with difficult circumstances and encountering the public can be taught by using the footage of the existing security guard. The body cameras can also be used to keep the data of the incidents which occur very rarely or which happens for the first time in the society. This footage or data will be shown to new training security officers for better dealing and reaction in the future.

Analysis of the security guard’s performance

The performance of the security guard can also be well evaluated by the use of body-worn cameras. Based on his good performance, which is being recorded, and his acts of bravery, which are being monitored by the supervisors, the security guard may get rewarded well by the supervisor or managing body.

Easy to carry

When it comes to the comfort zone, weight is an important factor. The lighter the device, the better the performance of the wearer.

Easy to operate

Body-worn cameras are provided with one-button record features which make it perfect and ideal to use when the security guard is on duty. One can easily operate the camera in case of any emergency. Devices can also facilitate the user to download, manage, and store the videos.

Hence, we can say that security guards use body-worn cameras for protecting private facilities for example shopping malls, department stores, etc. Security guards have to perform the difficult task of walking miles in order to secure private properties. While walking they may fall into multiple difficulties which should be informed to their supervisor. This instant reporting can be done by using body-worn cameras. They can work manually or upon motion. They can also be provided with infrared LEDs around the camera to get the footage of the night time.


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  1. My friend wants to get a security guard to ensure that his business is protected. It makes sense that getting one that uses a body cam would be beneficial! That seems like a good way to ensure that if anything happens, then he has evidence of it.

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