Health screening benefits during COVID-19

As part of a larger COVID-19 avoidance strategy, health screenings are an excellent way for businesses to stop the infection and keep employees healthy.

Health screenings can be utilized as the very first line of defense to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus from getting in the workplace and infecting all workers. Regular health screenings need to be part of any business’s back to work plan, as they can help keep everybody healthy.

In this blog, we are taking a look at why businesses need to carry out health screenings and what has actually proven to be effective.

The advantages of health screenings in the work environment

An essential component of removing the spread of COVID-19 is to stop it at the front door, quite literally. Needing workers to complete routine health screenings helps determine at-risk employees, in addition to those who might potentially be harboring the infection or showing early indications of the concerning infection.

Health screenings serve lots of purposes, including:

  • Working as a method to sequester employees who either don’t understand that they’re a threat or aren’t sure if they are a danger.
  • Identifying potential sites of contamination (if the employee tests positive).
  • Preventing further spread by needing the staff members to work from house or take sick leave.

These examinations could be performed prior to workers are permitted inside the building, like in the form of a temperature check. They could also be completed before workers leave their house to ensure they are not unintentionally contaminating others.

But why should this befall on companies? Shouldn’t medical professionals manage this?

Simply put, implementing a proactive method for the safety and wellness of your staff members is essential. Providing another opportunity, like health screenings, is an excellent option. Plus, health screenings at the workplace could be a quicker alternative for employees to get inspected instead of scheduling an appointment to see their medical professional.

What’s more, if facility supervisors and the leadership team understand the status of their workers’ health, that can help them plan for lack, work, as well as the main concern, reduce the spread of the virus.

What is a business already doing that is working?

A number of businesses are already back at work and using health safety measures to minimize the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible.

Many organizations are practicing things like physical distancing in the office, suggested face masks, health surveys, and are wearing PPE. Staff members are required to finish a health questionnaire through an email or an internal app that asks concerns about travel history, their total health, and more.


Health screenings can help companies get insight into the total health of their employees and prevent the spread of the infection from taking place in the office. They are not the best service, however, it is essential to continue practicing physical distancing, frequent handwashing, and other precautionary procedures for the sake of keeping good health of employees and maintaining a COVID-free environment in the office.