How security guard company role has changed post-pandemic

Throughout Canada, security personnel are a familiar sight and offer important services throughout the public, commercial and residential centers, or to businesses for that matter.

Together with significant modifications to we live, shop, and work throughout the days, the COVID-19 has likewise, had a deep impact on the roles and the need for qualified security guards.

The Core Duties of Security Staff

We know that security professionals carry out a diverse series of responsibilities. The common functions carried out include:

  • Managing the security and surveillance of properties
  • Patrolling and monitoring of sites
  • Maintaining CCTV systems and devices
  • Controlling site access for authorized staff and visitors
  • Notifying and communicating with the authorities in emergencies
  • Crowd control and guiding traffic circulations
  • Keeping clear records and tracking any uncommon activities
  • Protecting access to facilities and equipment

Provided with the forward-facing dynamics of a security guard’s responsibilities, this has actually evolved into a front-line position. Guards are handling the execution of brand-new security treatments, strategies, communicating directly with the public, and imposing controls in addition to their existing responsibilities.

A clear example of this shift remains in the retail sector, where security guards are already on hand to prevent shoplifting, anti-social behavior and handle any problems.

Nevertheless, with the modifications to the ways that we go shopping, this role has actually adjusted. Security guards have actually been charged with the responsibility of discussing how new systems will work, therefore engaging with staff members and visitors to implement them efficiently, and dealing with resistance to safety procedures.

How COVID-19 Has Changed the Security Sector

Some of the most substantial methods which security personnel functions have embraced include:

  • Higher ratios and presence of security guards to impose new security regulations
  • Significant communicative functions to help visitors, workers, and coworkers, particularly at public access to locations
  • Understanding and carrying out social procedures such as visitor number limitations, deal with coverings, minimum distancing, and sterilizing
  • Using higher levels of crowd control and traffic management
  • Responding to a greater demand for mobile patrols while services/facilities are closed
  • Expanded fire security roles in safeguarding vacant premises
  • Keeping an introduction of more comprehensive spaces, consisting of car parking, open-access sites areas, and queuing systems
  • Implementing procedures by evaluating visitors


While some elements of these tasks were previously part of the role of a security guard, there is a significant increase in the demand, obligation, and worth of using such guards to keep sites, workers, and visitors safe.

As a result of the pandemic, the function of a guard has actually transitioned into a more direct communication function. There is a considerable increase in the need to communicate with the public as new procedures unfold, and are introduced, amended, and increased on a weekly or even day-to-day basis.

Organizations within Canada have actually tentatively resumed trading in different sectors. Having sufficient security to assist and manage a smooth resuming process has been critical to being able to meet requirements for individuals management.

How Security Guard Companies Are Supporting Canadian Businesses

Safeguarding site security has always been essential to companies. This prevents criminal activity, offers peace of mind, and means that insurance expenses and risk aspects are mitigated. Frequently the visible presence of a guard itself is sufficient to prevent an industrial premise from being the target of illegal activities.

As to how we connect continues to alter, and services are left in a position of needing to respond rapidly and adequately to the altering security climate, forward-facing personnel has ended up being ever more vital.

The capability of expert security guard companies provide themselves well to these increased needs, consisting of:

  • Outstanding judgment skills
  • Having a calm, reliable nature of guards to be able to respond to concerns
  • Dealing with disruptions in a regulated way
  • Using exceptional security management knowledge and strategies
  • Being reliable, prompt, and reputable
  • Showing professionalism at all times
  • The ability to keep comprehensive records and activity logs
  • Communication abilities to be able to connect with a varied spectrum of individuals.

How Security Need Has Actually Grown In 2020

With many other modifications to the Canadian workforce, the demand for extremely trained security guard companies continues to grow. Services are reliant on such members of their groups to implement new steps, control site access, and manage any resistance to more robust security procedures.

Substantial boost in the variety of vacant properties, the need to handle queuing and crowd control, and the essential nature of having a front-of-house representative to communicate with service users make the responsibilities of a security guard company important to ongoing trading.

If you’re seeking to discuss your security needs for your properties or business, connect with A-List Security Group Inc. today.