Mobile Response

A List Security Group Inc. provides mobile patrol guard services that are aligned to your business needs. We understand that every business has unique security needs which is why we can tailor our security services to provide a customized solution that your business requires.

We offer discovery sessions with our clients prior to Go Live and provide a detailed analysis on how A-List’s Mobile Response is the right fit for your business.

All of our guards and vehicles are tracked with mobile tracking software and are equipped with hi-tech body cameras. Our personnel are equipped with the latest technology and are readily available during the assigned hours for your business.

All of this great work is available to our clients using our reporting tools that are supported with photo and video evidence along with other relevant details. These reports can be customized and downloaded.

We strive to provide the highest level of service to our clients. This is why we ensure our team has access to the latest resources and accreditations.



You can now secure your hotels, residential buildings, commercial buildings, construction projects. Above all, we also provide front desk security and a 24-hour on-site guard. Mitigating all the risks associated with the breach of security protocol. We also specialize in communication and conflict resolution. A-List guards are trained to diffuse difficult situations with a wide range of skills and levels of intensity. Diversity is also an important part of our hiring and placement process.

These days technology is playing an important part in every walk of life and cannot be ignored when it comes to securing a site. A list Security Inc. believes in building a security infrastructure that has the best combination of updated technology and well-trained guards. The body camera on the guards also helps the client to monitor every situation and to resolve any conflict that may arise in the future.


  • Establishing checkpoints and placing a stationary security guard on each checkpoint
  • Securing the entry points of the buildings and sites
  • Verification check before entering a sensitive area of the site or even at the main entrance
  • Bag checking
  • We make sure that our guards have a cooperative attitude and treat others with respect even in an unfavorable situation
  • Sharp-eyed premises monitoring while making sure that the client’s operations are not affected in any way

You can now take care of your clients and customers with peace of mind, while we look after your security matters.