Parking Patrol

A-List Security Group Inc. has a great relationship with the Calgary Parking Authority, local and surrounding police departments. What truly sets us apart is the support and communication that we have between guards and as a company. We use our own internal software for internal communication, reporting, and shift notes. Meetings with the clients are conducted often to discuss and resolve any issues and to transfer any important information like the recorded videos act as proof against the intruder or the culprit in the prosecution.

Quick Response Time

Just like our security guards our patrol i.e., mobile guards are well equipped with the latest technology. We work hard to make sure that our patrol routes and areas are completely secured. The cameras installed at the front and the back of the mobile security record the video and also show it in real-time to the concerned people through our software. The real-time information is web-based reporting of all the services including patrol inspections, mobile responses, video monitoring, and alarm response. As services are completed, all information is instantly accessible to clients through a secure online channel.


40+ Years Exp.


Modern equipment




Close and remote protection

Efficient use of Resources

By continuously increasing the level of efficiency we are able to reduce the response time. Whenever an incident happens the appropriate actions and calls are instantly made to alleviate any unfavorable situation as early as possible. In addition to this, by smartly utilizing the resources we cut down unnecessary costs that in the end result in savings to our valued clients.

Motivated and Talented Guards

A list security’s mobile guard officers are motivated individuals and they are considered as valued and trusted individuals of Calgary. Our security guards are licensed, experienced, and incredibly passionate about what they do. This is not a stepping stone for them, this is their career and they enjoy it.

Mobile Patrol Guards receive security training in general along with special on-site training. Their skills and knowledge about security are regularly updated. These security experts can efficiently manage the security of oil fields, hospitals, retail stores, and any other similar site. We carefully match each customer to the guard that best fits their specific needs and site requirements. Rather than one-guard fits all because we believe in a customized approach.

Benefits of our Video Recorded Mobile Patrol

  • Securing specific routes
  • Patrolling in parking lots
  • Securing large sites and parameters
  • Beneficial for sites and buildings, mobile security is more stealth during the day as compared to the night and that is why more unwanted activities are captured on the video during the day.
  • Video recorded mobile response is considered to be the best form of preventive security and criminal deterrent. Criminals might find a way to cheat the security camera or even cut off an alarm system, but comparatively, it’s harder to trace out when and where a security patrol might show up.